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ShabZi Madallion – Who De Best


Blass my nigga, we on

Looks like they paying attention now, crazy how niggas had to say fuck it, for us to be noticed

Its like the art don’t even matter no more

Okay then, answer me this

Please tell me who de best, nigga tell me who the best

Nigga, please tell me who the best

As if it’s not me (x3)

Check it

Verse 1

Pardon my disposition

Never thought the game fucked with lyrics must have missed it

Niggas on and off and fans acting like they listen

Rappers out here pretending like they gon save our women

When they’re the first to be misogynistic I don’t get it

Talking bout you my competition boy are you kidding

Lying about having a chauffer when I’m the one that’s driven

Every season is vote for me like a politician

And you supposed to make us think that you aint politicking

Man it’s a shame that the masses play sheep to it

Boy I’m the truth but they acting like I’ve gone missing

When it’s the same niggas checking how we do it

I’m making moves look at how they follow my mission

Boy I’m the dude that’s not checking how you all living

‘cause what you do don’t inspire in my bidness

I never lose it’s no wonder why they all visit

I’m just checking


Who de best// Ayy if it’s not me then you wrong G

Somebody tell me who de best// Ayy man I got this shit finessed

Please tell me who the best// Ayy cause if it’s not me then you wrong G

Tell me who de best// ‘cause I got this shit finessed


Boy I’m living that rap life// and having fun with it

But you reppin that rap life// that collaborate with government

Ooh where the people at

Verse 2

The real is on the rise

Do it the way I wanna and say it the way I gotta no need to apologise

Fuck the game is the only time they checking my lines

You niggas are funny guys

Fuck the game then// my problem is your promises come needing payments

Turn around and you say this// acting like you a changed man

But I just wanna vibe// I don’t want it all I just need a piece of my

Slice of the pie// need a piece of mind

Then its bye man I’m out Akis’bayitsaluna

I mean the ways of the game got you niggas slaved up

Talking bout you pro black but you way off



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