ShabZi Madallion – It’s My House


These tings for the vibes

These tings for the vibes my nigga hey

Dalli Rated

Verse 1

Plans of becoming a legendary arise// listening to the doctor referring to my demise

Life on the line say a prayer for the guy// this cancer is coming for the Madallion we all die

Mama don’t be surprised

Figure out who you are// if you listening to these bars

You know that we ain’t got time

Searching for God when I’m really looking for me

Never let another man tell you what its like to be free

Never tell me I’m too deep nigga

It’s my house, my life and my rules and my couch

Fall back I’m not you, you smao mao

Bitch I’m all that and that’s true I vibe out

Here to be myself until I’m gone

Life is short but life is long so play your part

Do it right but take it back if you do it wrong

Be yourself, give your heart and you’ll be God.


Moms asking me when you gon do it solo

Helping everybody got you feeling so low

Looking at my life and thinking bout YOLO

You only living once my nigga you know though (x2)


Enghithi fede daar

enghithi begela

eintleck ou cheleban

hey asdlale (x2)

Verse 2

My nigga you bloody know it

Thinking bout the future and compromising the moment

Sacrifice yourself I see the weight on your shoulders

Catching L’s and looking back like you don’t really have to

Man when you gonna own it, zone in to your life

I’m only listening if you people are adding value

Otherwise keep it down I’m tryna dance boo

Now turn around and give me some of that ass too

It’s my house, my life and my rules and my couch

Fall back I’m not you so bow down, shit I’m all that and that’s true I vibe out

(ohoo) Here to keep my hands in the air though

Only saying goodnight before we dead though

Til then its good vibes we don’t care though

Tell these other cats we coming give em heads up.



I think they’re sleeping on me (x2)

Oh man

They still sleeping on me

Sleeping on me

But we gon get em though

That’s for real


We Out

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