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ShabZi Madallion – Right Here


Way way way wavey


Gravy gravy gravy gravy

Blass my nigga… You got the sauce

Verse 1

Hey hey hey call all the cops (call all the cops)

I did something wrong (I did something wrong)

Take me to jail my nigga (take me to jail)

I’m killing them songs// look how I bodied them all

I mean look how I body them all Boitz// I look at you like what you sorry for

We should be buying the malls Boitz// We should be (we should be) on my nigga

Taking them shots// pah pah pah pah then you gone my nigga (my nigga)

We doing a lot (I said)// and niggas acting like they don’t see us (oh no)

But they’re calling me God// and I don’t wanna be your Jesus (oh no)

I’m Dalli my dawg (hey) Listen Im Dalli my dawg// I just be taking my time with it

I just be minding my own business// I just be waiting on yall to finish (woo)

This life here is long (waay)// Shit they never told you coming up

Still asking bout the underdog like he disappeared man what the fuck my nigga


Where you at? (Right here)

Where you at? (Right)

Where you at? (Right here)

Where you at? (Right)

Where you at? (Right here)

Where you at? (Right)

Where you at? (I’m right here)

Where you at? (Right)

Verse 2

Boy I took my time are you kidding// all them chats behind my back that you niggas had

Now I’m chauffeured by my boner// know what it’s like to be hard driven

Gotta fuck the world I wanna be abroad// excuse a boss took it from a dad that never had time to be an awe (my nigga)

Are you impressed yet?// You talk a lot bout being a big dawg but there’s only one freshmen// only one lyricist while they marry music I’m the fucken best man at the job

Ask your best friend I’m a God, there is no point to your lyrism ‘cause I rest pens at the morgue



Lyrically I’m Picasso// Shakespeare in the building heard they read my lyrics like a bible

Go against me you gon die slow// best advice for you children is to fall back im an idol

To my fans - understand that’s real reason why I took my time dawg

Like nigga where you at

I had to do it with the right dawgs my nigga (where you at)

I am not about your vibes no my nigga (where you at)

We just here on the grind oooohh

Where you at? (Right here)

Where you at? (Right here)

Im right here

Where you at? (Right)

Im right here

Where you at?

I am not about your vibes nooo


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