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Shabzi Madallion - Admit it

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Verse 1

Admit it you gone// admit it you gone

You said that you gone for a minute// now you selling people sky is the limit

Am I living something you are not missing?

You wrong for leaving without saying goodbye

Or maybe I’m wrong for watching you leave I should’ve held you back from living your life

This is the reason why I let you bleed// now it’s too late and you left me behind

With all of my problems

I look in the mirror like why am I losing all my friends all the time

They’re all gone and I’m right here

Breaking even with the righteous

Always running for that last supper for the right chair


They never gonna tell you when you wrong

Cause they only wanna tell you when you fall

And I heard they only going to sing your song

When they all get to see you on

Damn, Yeah


All that life is fake shit

But they don’t care they chase it

And I get it now cause works for you I just want the truth its basic

Why is the simple shit so hard now?

The simple shit is so hard now


Looks like our season’s done// I got what I needed dawg

I’m not here to make friends no// I’m not here to make sense oh

Verse 2

I admit it I’m gone// for really I’m gone

I never knew how to give you what I’m giving

I never knew that Madalli is on a mission - I never (nah)

Please understand nowadays I’m under pressure

And it’s getting hard to be the guy that’s doing things to get better

Without being selfish, sorry the selfless never made time for me

I am the only one crying for me// I am the only one trying for me

What if I told you I plan to sell// everything that’s gonna get me to hell

Would you die with me (No!)

Stick to your lane man, do what you gotta do and let me go

Stop with the following lead your own life

You getting offended ‘cause I’m getting mine then tell me the truth

Maybe this time// the reason you falling behind

You will admit it’s all because of you

I’m tired of accommodating// all of the people manipulating

You driving me crazy// somebody get me my spaceship



Verse 3

I wish I told you I’m coming back but I’m not

I wish I told you, I wish I told you I’m God

Well I’m God to me just not God to you// so don’t follow me and my thoughts

‘Cause honestly, I gotta leave your company nowadays just bothers me my dawg





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