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28 (BONUS)




Okay okay

Let’s get to it

Watch this



Still praying for better days

Evolving faster than everybody I'm in phase

Got a date with destiny baby I'm never late

If you don't understand me then back up and let me fade

Coz when it comes to rap everybody is second place - hold on

Wait wait wait wait - and give me space

Deading all the friendships that had me back in a grave

It's clear - I'm the only nigga that's tryna stay

You only communicate when you posting stories for they

You’re a sucka sucka sucka sucka let that sink in

And that's the difference between you and I

You struggle to say shit to my face move aside

This is do or die for Madallion on the grind

And I'm never tired - I'm at the dealership getting me better tyres

I got my brothers in the back we got hella ties

But where ya Homies at when you doubting your life

When your soul is dying spirit who gets you at night

Who gon pop up when anybody is blocking your right

To be the promising type pardon me talking this wise

thinking is part of my mind writing shit got me this high

They say I'm over rappy

But when I do it I'm over happy

Hehe you think you know me

Thought I told you I dive in this rhyming just to get diamonds and polish em with the lion design

And get em to people who need the light

When the sky isn't shining bright

When the I is about die in a time when you need find

The proper dime live inside

Hope you get it when you arrive yeah

That's for those who think I'm weakening

might just drop a track every week again

Man - look how they all became believers bruh

donkey of the day goes to niggas who don't @cthegod



Dalli Rated

We’re not the same I am a Lion


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